Elderly Acres
Elderly Acres
General information
Type Elderly home
City Venice, Los Angeles, California
People Nona (tenant)
Hank (tenant)
Carl (tenant)
Stank Maxwell(tenant)
Other tenants

Elderly Acres is a retirement home in which Nona currently resides.


On the episode #Pilot, Nona moves into Elderly Acres and Sam and Cat come to visit her Cat interrupts a Twister game with Nona and the other seniors and Nona reassures Cat that she likes being at the retirement home Meanwhile Sam offers to give an elderly man a tattoo but accidentally gives him a tattoo of a chicken leg instead of one of Abraham Lincoln.



  • The original name for the retirement home was Shady Acres but Dan Schneider changed it to Elderly Acres because he felt the former wasn't very funny or interesting.

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