Oscar Lurkin
Biographical information
Full name

Oscar Lurkin



Resides in

Los Angeles, California

Physical description
Hair color

Dark Brown

Eye color


Personal information

Carl - Grandfather

Production information
First appearance


Last appearance


Portrayed by

Joshua Carlon

Oscar Lurkin is a minor character on Sam & Cat he first appeared on the episode #OscarTheOuch.


Oscar is very accident prone so he can only eat plain noodles with no sauce and no fork and drink water from a special cup.


Oscar is extremely accident prone bad things always happen to him on the episode #OscarTheOuch he got his head stuck in a toilet almost got crushed under a large man got sprayed with hot cheese and hit with golf clubs.


Mrs. Lurkin

Mrs. Lurkin is Oscar's mother she is very over protective of him due to his bad luck their relationship is similar to the one of Freddie Benson and his mother however Mrs. Lurkin does it because from experience while Mrs. Benson does it out of fear.


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